Looking Backwards, Moving Forward

Today's "On This Day" on Facebook reminded me of this post, which got me thinking about some things.  Mainly, why does it seem like I never shoot... [More]

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Grudge Match

In my previous post of content, I talk about having a bit of a grudge match scheduled.  We started off with a nice long race of 9-ball, which you... [More]

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Getting in The Box

Two weeks ago, one of my regular pool rooms decided to implement an in-house King of the Hill style event.  It's inspired by what Finnegan did on... [More]

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Mosconi Cup 2015

About six months ago I decided that I was absolutely going to attend the Mosconi Cup in Las Vegas this year.  I talked with some friends and we a... [More]


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Missouri State 9-Ball Championship 2015

This past weekend was the 2015 state 9-ball championship for Missouri, held at Billiards of Springfield.  This is an annual event and draws quite... [More]

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Another Milestone - 2nd package

After I worked on drills for a while (see previous post) I closed the night playing the ghost.  He still won, but I had another great milestone m... [More]

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The Bitter Sweetness of Loss

Last week in APA Masters league, I played as good as I have in a while... until I got WAY ahead of my opponent.  I'll get to that later, first I ... [More]

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New Seasons, New Shots, New Goals

I've been busy with a lot of new things lately. Chief among them is a new job. I haven't been practicing as much as I was a month ago, and it's showin... [More]

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Facing a Mountain

On Monday I found myself on the short end of the pool gods' favor. Every shot was tough, every layout was tough, and every miss by my opponent seemed ... [More]

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APA US Amateur Prelim Tournament Review

This past weekend I played in a local qualifier for the APA US Amateur tournament.  While I don't have a lot of interest in going to the regional... [More]

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