Finding 90

I've recently returned to pool with a purpose.  After playing horribly the last year, I made a conscious decision to stop losing matches because ... [More]

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Training Update: Rail Workout

Sunday I sparred with a guy who's been kicking my ass for a while and that trend continued.  It showed me a couple of things though, which is the... [More]

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Training Update: IPAT Drills

If you've been following my twitter feed, you'll know that I've been spending a lot of time at the table lately - and most of it has been alone and wo... [More]

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Facing a Mountain

On Monday I found myself on the short end of the pool gods' favor. Every shot was tough, every layout was tough, and every miss by my opponent seemed ... [More]

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Sparring With Focus

In an effort to get prepared to avenge my poor performance at the midwest 9-ball tournament last week, I matched up with a friend who has won or place... [More]

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The Clock System by Kid Delicious

In an effort to further memorize this positional guideline, I've drawn it up (based on the video example I watched over the weekend). Each of these sh... [More]

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An Honest Reflection

I played some of the worst pool I've played in a while on Thursday and Friday last week. Thursday I lost an APA Masters match on the hill to a gu... [More]

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Practice - Reference Lines

After my league match last night (which I won, after being down 0-4, I came back to win 9-6), I hung around and did some practicing.  I wasn't do... [More]

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Product Review: Perfect Aim - Revisited

Back in April, I wrote about Perfect Aim, and it was less than flattering.  The DVD on its own, I still don't think holds enough information/trai... [More]

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Product Review: Perfect Aim

(There's an important update to this review, find it here.)   I hang out over in the AZ forums a few times a week to try and pick up tips or adva... [More]

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