Jayson Shaw vs Shane van Boening

I just saw this: This will be an amazing match! It's a PPV $40 over 2 days.  Next weekend has been booked!

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2012 US Open 9 Ball Championships Summary

Last week was the 2012 US Open championships and what a week it was. I bought the PPV from Accu-Stats, like I have done the last 3 years and it just k... [More]

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TAR 26: Shane van Boening VS Johnny Archer!

Man, TAR is really pumping out the hits this year! Check out this matchup:

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TAR 25: Dennis Hatch vs Mike Dechaine

Just read about this: The Action Report is excited to announce TAR 25: Hatch vs Dechaine presented by OB Cues and sponsored by Simonis Cloth and Cu... [More]

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TAR 22: Shane van Boeing VS Earl Strickland!!!!!

These 2 are having something of a rematch this coming weekend! I have so much going on this weekend, I'm not sure I'll get to watch much of the PPV, b... [More]

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