The Bitter Sweetness of Loss

Last week in APA Masters league, I played as good as I have in a while... until I got WAY ahead of my opponent.  I'll get to that later, first I ... [More]

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First NAPA Night

Last night was the first night of the new session in the recently founded NAPA league in my town. First impressions were good overall.  I joined ... [More]

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Happy New Year 2014

I, for one, am quite glad to see 2013 firmly in the history books.  Though it was a great year in some aspects, it was a horrible year in others.... [More]

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Shot of the Match [Masters 9-Ball]

Last night was APA Masters league and I got to play one of my teammates with whom I'm going to Vegas next month.  We've only ever practiced befor... [More]

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A Personal Goal Achieved

Since I started the APA league, there has been just one guy who has beaten me every time we play; even though we are the same skill level. It's not ju... [More]

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Lots of League Updates

Since the heated tables post, there has been a lot of pool played.  The day after that league, I played the C&C league and played pretty damn... [More]

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Heated Tables

So, last night was my first session of APA Masters league.  It was at this bowling alley that has some 50's style tables (can't remember the make... [More]

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