You Are What's Wrong With Pool

Since this is Pool Awareness Week, I thought I'd write about something I'm quite passionate about: The Perception of Pool. Pool players gamble. It's a... [More]

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Finding Focus - The Easy Way

The other day I mentioned having trouble with holding focus during a match. I might have found a way, but I'm not sure I should happy with it. First... [More]

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Midwest 9-Ball Tour (Feb 2013)

I haven't been feeling overly confident with my game these last few months (one of the reasons I haven't been recording matches), but I decided to hea... [More]

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Midwest 9-Ball Tour - Olathe, KS Wrap Up

Last weekend I made my first trip out to Olathe, KS for the Midwest 9-Ball Tour event out there.  I've been to the one in St. Louis a couple... [More]

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Accepting The Table

Last night, I played a local I've not seen in quite some time.  We have always played "about" even, although if I remember correctly, I had to gi... [More]

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Softly Back in the Saddle

Last Friday, I went up to the pool hall and decided to see how things would go playing on the big tables, after nearly 2 months away.  And for so... [More]

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"Dippy" Dave Peat vs Chris Bartram

I've been taking a small break from pool the last month or so.  Several reasons for this, but none of them are worth going into here.  But, ... [More]

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Forced To Play

  So, last week, after 9-ball league was over, I played this young kid some 1p.  In the league, he's a C and I'm a B.  A few weeks pri... [More]

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Earl vs Shane - Review

I mentioned in my last post that I wasn't planning on leaving the house, but in all reality - I fully expected to miss at least half of this match bec... [More]

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High Stakes Pool aka The Pool Hustlers via akaTrigger

I've heard about this pilot for a gambling tv show for a little while now, but it looks like it has finally surfaced!  akaTrigger (Melinda) has a... [More]

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