Facing a Mountain

On Monday I found myself on the short end of the pool gods' favor. Every shot was tough, every layout was tough, and every miss by my opponent seemed ... [More]

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APA US Amateur Prelim Tournament Review

This past weekend I played in a local qualifier for the APA US Amateur tournament.  While I don't have a lot of interest in going to the regional... [More]

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An Honest Reflection

I played some of the worst pool I've played in a while on Thursday and Friday last week. Thursday I lost an APA Masters match on the hill to a gu... [More]

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A Personal Goal Achieved

Since I started the APA league, there has been just one guy who has beaten me every time we play; even though we are the same skill level. It's not ju... [More]

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Accepting The Table

Last night, I played a local I've not seen in quite some time.  We have always played "about" even, although if I remember correctly, I had to gi... [More]

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[Pool Synergy] How Do You Recharge

  This month's edition of Pool Synergy is all about how to recharge your pool game while dealing with being burnt out, rundown and generally e... [More]

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The Return of Dead Stroke

It's a little early to make any solid judgements, but the last two times I went to play, I played barbox 9-ball in preparation for the weekly tourname... [More]

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League Update - The Ups and Downs

Last night we got back into league action my pro clinic last week and the snow week prior to that, it feels like I haven't played in forever.  Th... [More]

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League Update - Best Night So Far!

I really wasn't expecting too much from league last night. Last week, I gave up my only game by scratching on the 8 because I was careless with the s... [More]

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Know Your Limits

This is really a PSA for all those up and coming hustlas out there.  Know your limits. Last night, after league I saw a guy who's rated a 5 play ... [More]

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