Game is coming back

I'm noticing that my game is getting back to just about where it was back in May/June of last year.  I'm back to running out (at least in practic... [More]

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Just Some Videos (and a NEW CUE)

I feel like I have a lot to say about my game lately, because I can see that it *is* coming back.  I'm running more balls than I have been, I've ... [More]

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Small Steps - Alignment, Weight Loss and Vision

My game is slowly but surely coming back. League was this past Friday and while I did win, removing me from last place, it was not an overwhelming vic... [More]

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Videos and Updates

Been pretty stressed for time lately, but I have been at the table a lot more lately; though not always a good time.  It seems my alignment issue... [More]

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Shaft Regression: OB Classic Pro to Stock??

Yesterday morning I received a txt from the organizer of the 9-ball league forming up at Cue & Cushion saying that I was in and we were start... [More]

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Don't Play With Mixed Balls

Okay, yes it's juvenille - but there's a valid point to it, I swear. This weekend, I decided to run some drills and whenever I do drills, I use my mea... [More]

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Some 9 Ball Action (with video)

So, Friday I was contemplating what I wanted to do... hit the usual place and just bang some balls, maybe practice a bit and see who shows up. Or I hi... [More]

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Eye Location - A Reasonable Breakthrough

I've been quiet around here lately, mostly because I haven't been overly inspired by anything.  I will say that I have been working on my break a... [More]

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OB Classic Pro Review

So, I got my OB Classic Pro shaft on Monday.  Even though I was pretty sick, it was impossible not to get some table-time with a new shaft. To s... [More]

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Long Match (20-8)

Long Match (20-8) [More]

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