Game is coming back

I'm noticing that my game is getting back to just about where it was back in May/June of last year.  I'm back to running out (at least in practic... [More]

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Videos From The Weekend

Friday night, I decided to go play a bit, since I hadn't actually played since Monday.  It was an alright evening, and the pool hall was pretty d... [More]

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Raj Hundal's Thoughts on the US Open

This is a great interview... harsh, and brutally honest. I'm sure it's shocking to see one of the pro's talking like this, but I think it needs to br... [More]

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Breaking, 9-Ball and One Pocket

I was able to get to the pool hall just once this week.  As luck (sorta) would have it, there was no one there which meant I could finally give t... [More]

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Back to normal!

Back to normal! [More]

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Break Cues

Break Cues [More]

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The Break

The Break [More]

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