Tournament Review: Kenny's Jack'n'Jill October 2014

Let me just start off by saying I WON THIS TOURNAMENT!!! Okay, now that that's out of the way I can talk a little more objectively about the event. ;)... [More]

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DCC 2014 Trip Review

How can I even begin to write a wrap-up of my DCC trip?  I mean... it's DERBY!  Almost half the stuff I saw/heard, I can't publish onli... [More]

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One Rail Banking

I have always had a bit of love/hate relationship with bank shots. Years ago, long before I learned to see the edge of a ball, I would bank everything... [More]


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Why You Should Play One Pocket

A lot of players don't like playing one pocket because they don't understand it.  It's easy to explain: Make 8 balls in your pocket before you op... [More]

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Breaking, 9-Ball and One Pocket

I was able to get to the pool hall just once this week.  As luck (sorta) would have it, there was no one there which meant I could finally give t... [More]

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More One Pocket

I've been playing a lot of one-pocket recently.  It's a very trying game. I even read a book on one-pocket, Upscale One Pocket by Jack Koehler ov... [More]

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My 3-Rail Bank Shot

My 3-Rail Bank Shot [More]

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Weekend Pool (Banks + Practice)

Weekend Pool (Banks + Practice) [More]

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