Random Thoughts (Dr. Cue Classic, League, General Play)

The biggest news I have is that I attended the finals of the Dr. Cue Classic IV tournament last weekend.  I got to meet Florian aka "Venom" and D... [More]

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Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup IV In St. Louis!

This has been quite a good week for local pool!! I just found out that, in addition to the Johnny Archer/Nick Varner exbo in February, that IN TWO WEE... [More]

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Tony Robles and Gail Glazebrook at Riverbend Billiards (Pictures)

Friday night, I had the great pleasure of meeting both Tony Robles and Gail Glazebrook.  If you've read this blog at all, you know I've been very... [More]

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Easy Trickshot Video

Easy Trickshot Video [More]

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Lots of Pool Yesterday (jumps and tricks)

Lots of Pool Yesterday (jumps and tricks) [More]

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The 'Color of Money' and Other Trick Shots

The 'Color of Money' and Other Trick Shots [More]

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Trickshot from Poolhall Junkies

Trickshot from Poolhall Junkies [More]

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Venom Trickshots - WTF?!

Venom Trickshots - WTF?! [More]

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