Grudge Match

In my previous post of content, I talk about having a bit of a grudge match scheduled.  We started off with a nice long race of 9-ball, which you... [More]

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Getting in The Box

Two weeks ago, one of my regular pool rooms decided to implement an in-house King of the Hill style event.  It's inspired by what Finnegan did on... [More]

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Justin Bergman vs Oscar Dominguez in St. Louis

I know I've been away for a while, but things have been incredibly crazy on my end.  Between tournaments and streaming and more streaming, I've b... [More]

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Finding Focus - The Easy Way

The other day I mentioned having trouble with holding focus during a match. I might have found a way, but I'm not sure I should happy with it. First... [More]

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Midwest 9-Ball Tour (Feb 2013)

I haven't been feeling overly confident with my game these last few months (one of the reasons I haven't been recording matches), but I decided to hea... [More]

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TAR 25: Dennis Hatch vs Mike Dechaine - Live Tweet

This matchup over the weekend was extraordinary. Plenty of drama and great pool playing.  Unfortunately, I only got to watch the 2nd day, but wha... [More]

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Just some thoughts

Well, league hasn't been all that great lately. I lost to a guy I shouldn't lose to, because I missed THREE 9 balls - and he won by 3 games. So, I abs... [More]

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League Review - Break and Run Style!

Friday, as usual, was league night. I have to say, I played pretty damn well. My opponent was struggling a little, and since we're friends outside of ... [More]

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Midwest 9-Ball Tour - Olathe, KS Wrap Up

Last weekend I made my first trip out to Olathe, KS for the Midwest 9-Ball Tour event out there.  I've been to the one in St. Louis a couple... [More]

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Accepting The Table

Last night, I played a local I've not seen in quite some time.  We have always played "about" even, although if I remember correctly, I had to gi... [More]

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