Looking Backwards, Moving Forward

Today's "On This Day" on Facebook reminded me of this post, which got me thinking about some things.  Mainly, why does it seem like I never shoot... [More]

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Softly Back in the Saddle

Last Friday, I went up to the pool hall and decided to see how things would go playing on the big tables, after nearly 2 months away.  And for so... [More]

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Stock Shaft Revisit #2

So, Tuesday I went back to the pool room with my original shaft to see if things would stay the same.  Overall, I don't think so.  I continu... [More]

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Shaft Regression: OB Classic Pro to Stock??

Yesterday morning I received a txt from the organizer of the 9-ball league forming up at Cue & Cushion saying that I was in and we were start... [More]

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OB Classic Pro Review

So, I got my OB Classic Pro shaft on Monday.  Even though I was pretty sick, it was impossible not to get some table-time with a new shaft. To s... [More]

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