Scotch Doubles 10-Ball - WINNER!!!

So, this weekend was a Scotch Doubles 10-ball event.  I was already planning on attending, since I was running the stream for the event, but wasn... [More]

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Jayson Shaw vs Shane van Boening

I just saw this: This will be an amazing match! It's a PPV $40 over 2 days.  Next weekend has been booked!

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NAPA and APA Updates

A couple of quick things: 1) Below you will find my match played on the streaming table at NAPA Nationals.  I think my original review of the mat... [More]

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NAPA Nationals 2014 Review

After much deliberation I decided to try my hand at the NAPA National Championship for 10-Ball.  I had also qualified for 8-ball, but since that ... [More]

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Night at the Circus

I had NAPA league last night.  If you've been paying attention at all you'll know that I really do not like bartable pool.  However, I reali... [More]

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First NAPA Night

Last night was the first night of the new session in the recently founded NAPA league in my town. First impressions were good overall.  I joined ... [More]

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Tournaments and Leagues Update

The 8-Ball doubles "Captain's Tournament" went pretty well.  We started off well, played a couple of great matches, but eventually stumbled one t... [More]

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Finding Focus - The Easy Way

The other day I mentioned having trouble with holding focus during a match. I might have found a way, but I'm not sure I should happy with it. First... [More]

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Midwest 9-Ball Tour (Feb 2013)

I haven't been feeling overly confident with my game these last few months (one of the reasons I haven't been recording matches), but I decided to hea... [More]

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2013 Derby City Classic Review

I'm not even sure how to try to write a review on the DCC. I can summarize it easily: AWESOME. But to go much beyond that could prove quite the chal... [More]

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