Grudge Match

In my previous post of content, I talk about having a bit of a grudge match scheduled.  We started off with a nice long race of 9-ball, which you can watch below.  I took that set pretty heavily, but after some uncomfortable bickering back and forth I agreed to also play a set of 8-ball, but I was pretty much on tilt by then and ended up losing that one.  I'm not worried about since that's his game and I was pretty offended by the whole ordeal.  Over the next 6 months or so we've played several other times in the Masters league where I've come out ahead 2/3 times.  But, unfortunately, in that King of the Hill event I also talked about, he got me in our challenge match.  Honestly, I'm okay with that.  I know I haven't been playing much at all lately. I pretty much just show up to play my match then I leave.  I haven't practiced in 8 months, and I haven't really played for fun in god-knows how long.

I really want to change that as this awkward style of play I've been presenting is really getting under my skin.  In my big-table 9-ball league I'm not even at a 50% win rate because of it.  I suppose the only "good" thing that has come out of this whole playing bad experience is that I have really kept my emotions in check; no matter the outcome.  I get pretty salty once the match is over, on the drive home - but I've been really good at not complaining at/around my opponent.

Anyway, here's the 9-ball match where I "took 2 minutes to shoot every shot, slopped every key-ball in, and got lucky on every miss".

And here's the set of 8-ball if anyone is interested.  This is only a race to 7, but it took longer than our race to 11.  You can clearly tell that I don't have the pool stamina as I fade pretty quickly - but we're both trying really hard to focus and win the set; which I think played a huge part in how long it took to complete.

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Blog Award!

So, I got tweeted the other day that this blog has won another award!  I kinda feel bad about it because it's been fairly stagnant here. I just haven't had a lot to talk about, mostly because I haven't been playing too much lately. But, with all of my leagues wrapping up soon, maybe I'll get a chance to get back at the table and start improving my game again.

In the meantime, here's the award I received:

Unfortunately, it seems the hosting website is not responsive for me at the moment, but in case it does come back, I've linked it here

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